TimCop company services

Consulting services

The company offers engineering consulting and technical support services. For any clarifications or solutions to the given problems regarding electric power industry, customers can contact the expert team of TimCop company who will give them adequate answers and suggest optimal solutions.

Design and supervision

Within the company, there is also a design office that deals with the design of electric power facilities up to the voltage level of 20 kW. In addition to the designing for its own needs, the office also provides design services for third parties.

Overhaul and revision

After the construction of substations, the company also offers the services of necessary maintenance and eventual energy expansion of substations and regular annual audit of substations.

The main activity of TimCop company

In addition to the services given above, the main activity of the company is the construction of substations, construction of steel transmission line poles, production and equipping of electricity. cabinets, production of electrical installations and production of steel constructions according to customer requirements.

This is exactly what the two basic plants of our company represent

Electrical Division

Machine Division

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About us

Since its establishment, the company TimCop has been mainly engaged in the production of equipment for electricity distribution, production of metal constructions and installation of electrical installations and equipment setting up.

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