Machine Division
-Manufacture of various products of steel constructions-

Production plant

TimCop has a production plant for the production of various types of steel constructions. The production plant is equipped with the latest generation equipment with automated control units for production: parts and assemblies of smaller and larger dimensions and masses, with a predominant share of CNC cutting, punching / cutting, bending, welding, machining and corrosion protection; as well as parts of small dimensions and masses but large quantities of delivery, with the predominant share of punching, cutting, pressing and anti-corrosive protection.



The following departments are located within the plant for the production of steel constructions

Sectors of material cutting, deformation process, welding, machining, anti-corrosiv protection, control of quality and packing.

Cutting department

Within the cutting department, TimCop disposes with machines:

-CNC plasma cutting machine and gas technology ZEVS 6.2

-CNC water jet cutting machine WJ-2030

- BMSO 320 band saw with PLC control

-CNC hydraulic shears DURMA SBT 3006

-Breaker/cutter DURMA IW 55-110 BTD

-CNC Breaker/cutter EUROMAC MBX6

-CNC Breaker/cutter DURMA RP6

Deformation processing sector

Within this sector the company disposes with:

-CNC bending machine DURMA MRB-S 1506

-CNC Syncro hydraulic press brake DURMA AD-R 30220

-CNC hydraulic press for deep drawing LITOSTROJ HPO-2-325

-CNC electric press brake ADIRA BB5020 

Welding sector

The machines we use in this sector are:

-LORCH SS SpeedPulse (25-400 A) water-cooled inverter device

-LORCH MicorMig 400 (30-400A)

Robotic welding:


-Rotary table for positioning welding parts

-Citronix MIG-MAG Pulse 400A welding machine

Machining sector

Under this department, TimCop disposes with machines:

-Radial drill TRB 5A

-Radial drill RB 40


In addition to the above, the company TimCop in the next period plans to purchase two CNC horizontal lathes and CNC machining center

Anti-corrosive protection sector

Within the anti-corrosive protection sector are:

-Sandblasting device

-Space for preparing parts for painting

-Painting chamber

Quality control sector

Within the quality control sector the company disposes with numerous measuring equipment and we would point out:

Hexagon measuring arm with measuring in 3D model

-Product engraving machines 

-Digital and analog beak movable scales, with measurement from 0-1000mm

-Micrometers for openings with measurement in 2 and 3 points, with measurement of 6-1000mm

-Altime meters with measurement from 0-1000mm

-Panparallel meters (standards), digital comparators and subitors


Within the plant for the production of steel construction, different types of the following products are manufactured:

Spiral housings, air intake and exhaust construction, fan housings, radial fans, refrigeration housings, all types of junction boxes, covers, supports of various dimensions and construction requirements, as well as construction containers according to customer requirements.

About us

Since its establishment, the company TimCop has been mainly engaged in the production of equipment for electricity distribution, production of metal constructions and installation of electrical installations and equipment setting up.

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