Suppliers of the electric energy distribution industry since 1992

TIMCOP initiated it’s business in 1992, in Novi Sad. After the completion of the personal production facility, the company relocated to Temerin in 2008.

Since the start, our key business activity has been service and production of equipment for electric energy distribution, production of metal constructions, as well as setting electrical installations in buildings.

TIMCOP is included in development of the social community in which it does its business. Established organizational structure ensures efficiency incensement of it’s own work processes, that allows more quality services and realization of promoted principle directed towards the users.

Policy and Goals


  • Improving sales programs and services to meet the demands and needs of our clients
  • Improving business processes by monitoring their effectiveness
  • Procurement of modern equipment as well as quality maintenance of the existing
  • Development of an integrated management system (IMS) in accordance with the strategic goals of the organization and global trends
  • Providing a system for monitoring and applying legal and other regulations and informing employees about respecting them

Environment & Safety

  • Developing environmental awareness of employees and awareness of the importance of environmental management
  • Identifying and preventing the occurrence of possible negative environmental impacts
  • Natural resources and energy saving
  • Minimizing the use of harmful substances and the generation of harmful waste
  • Zero level of fatalities or injuries at work that results in permanent disability
  • Zero level of time lost due to injuries at work

Human Resources

  • Establishing an appropriate value system that meets employees' needs and expectations by motivating them at the same time
  • Planning for the provision of highly qualified personnel and continuous improvement of employees

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  • Favorable location (efficiency in transportation time and cost)

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Production facilities and equipment

The company operates in a number of production and management facilities spread across two nearby locations on the outskirts of the town of Temerin.

To ensure the highest possible quality, we utilize the latest generation equipment in all stages of the production process.

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