Production and construction of substations

TimCop can proudly say that it has a large number of projects behind it, which include the construction and production of substations, from mobile through pillar to wall, concrete and compact concrete substations.

Mobile substations

In order to increase the degree of reliability of the system for transmission and distribution of electricity, some electricity distribution companies have decided to purchase mobile plants that would be used for temporary replacement of existing stable plants in case of accidents or planned maintenance.

The mobile plants are container-type mounted on truck trailers and the transport and installation time is very short.

Containers with equipment are completely independent and functional from trailers and the plant can be operated directly while the container is mounted on a trailer or in case of inaccessibility of microlocation, if the vehicle is not able to access the planned position, the container can be dismantled and positioned to the desired location.

The first mobile plant project

The first project of the mobile plant in which TimCop participated as an equipment installer was a mobile 20 kV primary distribution plant for the needs of Elektrovojvodina. The experience gained has been applied for further improvement of mobile facilities. An example of progress and applied innovative technical solutions are three mobile distribution plants built a year later for the needs of Elektrodistribucija Kraljevo.

The plant consists of three separate mobile units: 35kV distribution plant, 20 (10) kV distribution plant with transformer for own consumption and 20 (10) /0.4 kV mobile substation, 630kVA.

Efficiency of mobile substations

Mobile plants have already proved their purpose and efficiency in exploitation, both in Elektrovojvodina during the rehabilitation of the damaged TS 110/20 in Bečej, and on the territory of Elektrosrbija in the rehabilitation of earthquake-damaged plants in Kraljevo.

Pillar substations

There are two types of pillar substations on offer: NS-1 and NS-2, both approved by EPS "Elektrovojvodina" Novi Sad. 

Both types of substations are structurally designed for voltage levels up to 20 kV, which means the installation of STS in 10kV voltage networks.

The construction of substations, regardless of the type, is very fast and efficient, and the deadlines for the execution of works have been reduced to only two days.

NS-1 and NS-2

NS-1 is a single-pole substation designed for transformer powers from 50kVA to 160 kVA

NS-2 is a portal substation, designed for transformer powers from 50kVA to 400kVA

Prefabricated concrete, wall and compact concrete substations

Depending on the clients' needs for power, possible space limitations and other requirements, there is a wide range of substations of these types on offer.

Prefabricated concrete substations are typical and can be of different configurations from 1x630kVA to 2x1000kVA. It is characterized by fast production, beautiful appearance and relatively small space it takes up.

Wall-mounted substations provide freedom in terms of power requirements, and can be built for the required number of transformers of different powers up to 1600 kVA

Compact concrete substations are typical, for power from 1x630kVA to 2x1000kVA. The extremely small space it takes up, the visual inconspicuousness and the very short construction time make them a suitable solution for clients with high demands.

Equipping substations

The company is also engaged in equipping substations within the facility if there is such a request by customers.

The equipment that is installed in substations is from renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers and is approved by "Elektrovojvodina". The choice of equipment is influenced by the client himself with his requirements, especially in terms of the design of the transformer and medium voltage block (classic or with SF6 insulating gas).

Overhaul and revision of substations

After the construction of substations, the company also offers the services of necessary maintenance and possible energy expansion of substations. Regular annual audits of substations ensure long-term and reliable operation of the power supply system. After the performed audit and possible interventions on the substation equipment, the client receives an official report on the performed audit and repairs.

Construction of overhead and cable lines up to 20kVA

In addition to the construction of substations, the company also deals with the construction of medium voltage power lines for substations and low-voltage distribution from substations to power plants, so that customers are completely secured in terms of electricity supply.

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Since its establishment, the company TimCop has been mainly engaged in the production of equipment for electricity distribution, production of metal constructions and installation of electrical installations and equipment setting up.

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