Low voltage switchgear

Purpose and application

Low voltage and switchgear units are intended for electricity distribution in 10 (20) /0.42 kV transformer stations and industrial facilities. In addition to the purpose for distribution - distribution of electricity, SIVACON S8 is also used in industry where, in addition to the distribution part (cable outlets), it can be made to represent a motor center (MCC - motor outlets).

What are the blocks made of?

All metal parts of the LV distribution block are anticorrosively protected and painted by thermoelectrostatic application of a powder layer. The blocks are manufactured in accordance with the standard SRPS EN 61439-1. They are made of such materials that are able to withstand mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses as well as the influence of humidity, which can occur in normal operation.

Built-in appliances

Appliances and circuits in the block must be arranged in such a way as to enable operation and maintenance, while at the same time ensure the required degree of safety. Built-in appliances as components of blocks must have gaps in accordance with the defined corresponding standards and they must be maintained in operating conditions. 

Main circuits

Main circuits - Busbars, bare or insulated, must be installed in such a way that no internal short circuit is expected under normal operating conditions. They must be dimensioned in accordance with the short-circuit strength data, and so constructed as to withstand at least the short-circuit stresses limited by protective devices or by devices on the bus supply side.


The equipment in the block must be mounted and wired in such a way that its proper operation is not diminished due to the mutual influence such as heat, vibration, energy fields, which occur in normal operation. Detachable and pull-out parts are designed so that their electrical equipment can be safely disassembled and connected to the main circuit while the circuit is live.

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