From the construction of substations to the connection of small power plants

Completed process

With all the products and services you will be familiar with, TimCop provides a fully completed process of building power facilities, starting from obtaining the necessary documentation for beginning of works to commissioning, thus achieving maximum relief for customers.

Under the electrical division, the company performs design, execution of the works, construction, production and services in the field of electric power, telecommunications and installation.


From the production and construction of pillar substations through the construction of prefabricated concrete, wall and compact concrete substations all the way to overhaul and revision.

Electrical installations

Design and production of electronic installations in all types of facilities - residential, business, industrial halls and many others.

Connection small power plants

TimCop also monitors the development of new technologies in the field of electricity production from alternative and renewable energy sources, such as solar power plants.

Sivacon S8

Low voltage switchgear blocks are intended for electricity distribution in transformer stations 10 (20) /0.42 kV and industrial facilities.

This segment also includes the production of locksmith products. Most of them are pillar substations, steel-lattice poles with accompanying consoles, poles for public lighting and sports fields fences, metal cabinets (distribution, measuring and automatic control cabinets), i.e. products for equipping and installation in electric power facilities. In addition, other locksmith products have a significant share in the production: fences for sports fields fences, gates, metal stairs, etc.

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Construction of public lighting and sports fields lighting

The company also illuminates surfaces and buildings, starting from decorative lighting for parks, lakes, through sports fields lighting to road and street lightning.

Construction of power

TimCop is on the list of suitable contractors for the production of connectors in almost all electricity distribution companies on the territory of Elektrovojvodina.

About us

Since its establishment, the company TimCop has been mainly engaged in the production of equipment for electricity distribution, production of metal constructions and installation of electrical installations and equipment setting up.

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